Kraemer Yarns

Kraemer Yarns is in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. They started in the fiber industry as a Hosiery Mill, spinning & creating silk stockings. They then diversified into carpet, upholstery, and industrial yarns becoming one of the premier spinners of American made carpet yarns for companies like Burlington & Mohawk in the 60’s & 70’s. They expanded into rope yarns and military contracts. Their ability to spin novelty yarns brought them into the apparel industry. They have worked for “celebrity designers” like L.L. Bean and Remington developing demanding, hard working outdoor yarns for sweaters, hats, gloves & socks. In 2014 their yarns were made for the US Olympic team hats and sweaters. Kraemer Yarns was born because yarn companies saw what they were making and came and asked for yarns to be made for fiber artists and local and regional yarn stores. 

We love that Kreamer is committed to US made products. They source domestic wool in their products wherever possible. They also now create yarns and fibers for hand-dyers and spinners. Our Adventure, Science, and Rainbow cakes are all dyed on Kraemer bases! 

Find out more about Kraemer on their website here.