Noro Yarns & More

Noro Yarns are all about the World of Nature: finding inspiration in the environment. According to the late Eisaku Noro:

"From ancient times Japanese have accepted, enjoyed, and been charmed by the non-uniformity, unevenness, & coarseness of nature. This is the basis of the philosophy of Noro yarn. Natural fibers have great features that humans can not mimic. I want to leave these features as much as possible in my yarns. ...All of this is so knitters can feel nature more closely when knitting with Noro yarns. ..We also aim to reproduce the colors of nature in our yarns: leaves for example, all look green, but in reality they come in countless variations of green. By mixing colors we can give our yarns more natural feeling colors reminiscent of oceans, mountains, flowers, trees and so on."

Noro is the yarn of an artist. Instead of dyeing the yarn after it is spun, Noro dyes the individual fibers and then spins them together. Hence the vividness of the color and the ability to have such long color runs. 

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