Syracuse Cultural Workers

Syracuse Cultural Workers has nothing to do with yarn. But we carry some of their products (notecards, posters, flags, buttons, etc.) because we resonate with their creative impulse to use art as a form of resistance. We have a few other items besides what is listed here available in store but not online (Vaccinated pins, world map & How to Build Community posters).

The mission of Syracuse Cultural Workers is "to nourish communities that honor diversity and creative expression, and inspire movements for justice, equality and liberation while respecting our Earth and all its beings.

SCW sees "cultural work as an essential part of and support for political and economic change. Many of [their] materials celebrate movements for social change and their leaders, thus helping to legitimize history that is largely ignored or trivialized by commercial media and school textbooks. SCW also helps to unite socially concerned artists with a growing audience hungry for meaningful artwork."

Read more about SCW here. Find more of their awesome products that we don't carry here.

About SCW's notecards: "printed by union workers on paper with as much postconsumer waste recycled content as we can get at the time, processed chlorine and dioxin free. All envelopes are 100% postconsumer recycled paper, chlorine and dioxin free. Packaging for cards and postcards is 100% biodegradable cellophane, not plastic."