Announcing New Home for Purl's!

Dear awesome stitchers,

We are so excited to finally be sharing this official news with you! On Wednesday, June 16, we will be reopening our doors to customers at our new brick and mortar space at 830 Hendersonville Road. We are eager to get back to in-person sales and crafting community after being primarily online-only through the pandemic. Though we were sad to leave downtown after more than a decade, we feel our new location will be much more welcoming for both locals and tourists.

Our new space is on a bus line with ample free parking and is right next to the South Forest Ingle’s and Post Office between Shiloh and Biltmore Forest. Actually it's right next to the PIANO Emporium! So expect a whole lot of emporium-goodness! The new place includes much more space for our community crafting groups, room for a dedicated yarn dyeing studio, lots of natural light--and, of course, still lots of all of our favorites: yarn and all things relating to yarn! It's also completely handicapped accessible with a flat entry, handicapped designated parking spot in the lot, and an accessible bathroom. We do hope all our old friends (local and far-flung) will follow us to our new space, but we also hope to see many new faces, too.

We will be staffing the store ourselves as it will take us time to rebuild up our reserves in order to add other staffing. So to begin with we will be open Wednesdays through Sundays, 10 am to 6 pm (and closed Mondays and Tuesdays). The Wednesday morning stitch group will be meeting in person, while the Thursday evening group will continue to meet on Zoom as members of that group have found that beneficial. These social crafting times will be supplemented by two new Sunday groups--an online morning group (10am-noon) and an afternoon in-person group at 4. Details about these free-to-join groups will be available on our website. And stay tuned for more details on programming, including classes, movie nights, and more. Our online store will also continue 24/7 with shipping or local pickup from the store.

PURL'S YARN EMPORIUM's new home will be:

830 Hendersonville Road

(re)OPENING Wednesday, June 16, 10am!

STORE HOURS: Wed - Sun 10am-6pm


When we had to move out of downtown due to the pandemic, we couldn't ask for any help. So we moved it all ourselves: furniture, yarn, the works! It was exhausting and super depressing. But now we can reach out to our vaccinated friends for help and support! If you live locally in Asheville, there are a few ways you could help us with our move.

  • MUSCLES for MOVE DAY(s)! We need a few extra hardy people who can help on fixture moving day(s) (moving big bookcases, couches, etc.). As well as on YARN MOVE DAY (June 6) to help with carrying bins and bags of yarn. Let us know if sweating it out moving things around sounds like you! Vaccinated folks only please.

  • CONTAINERS! We need some CLEAN large tubs/bins and/or sturdy zipper bags (like for blankets and sweaters) for containing and moving the yarn. We'd like to not have to resort to garbage bags (as we did in the depressing pandemic move-out). If you put your name & phone or email on bottom/inside we will happily return after being emptied of yarn. Containers needed by June 1 if possible.

  • YARN MOVE DAY SUPPORT! We are tentatively scheduling YARN MOVING DAY (after all the fixtures are in place) for Sunday, June 6 (times yet to be determined). We're visualizing a caravan of vehicles filled with yarny goodness converging upon 830 Hendersonville Road. You could volunteer to be just a carrier (you drive your yarn filled car) from our house to new store while others schlep stuff in and out. And/or you can help with the schlepping or help create a yarn bucket brigade! Vaccinated folks only please.

Call, text or email us if you want to help out in any of these ways. But the other way you can continue to help is to SHOP: online (ongoing) and then in person at the new shop!!! (starting June 16!)

Thank you all so much for your ongoing support, yarny love and community!