Golden brown and bright blue graphic on cream depicting a Big Foot/Sasquatch wrapped in blue yarn knitting on the left. On the right the long neck and head of a Nessie/Sea Monster emerges out of blue water along with various other appendages to support a blue ball of yarn and crochet hook. Words above image: "why we never see them: Bigfoot Knits / Nessie Crochets." Below image reads: "Cryptids Crafting" with store logo
Purl's Tote Bag Cryptids Crafting
Purl's Yarn Emporium

Purl's Tote Bag Cryptids Crafting

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Our new canvas tote celebrates our love of mysterious creatures...namely those crafting cryptids. No wonder they can't be found. They're off digging in their stashes or crafting it up! These sturdy bags are made in the USA by union labor. Made of 100% recycled cotton. Measurements: 13" x 14" x 3" with straps that are long enough to carry over your shoulder.

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