Knitter's Pride-Ginger Deluxe Special Interchangeable Set
Knitter's Pride-Ginger Deluxe Special Interchangeable Set
Knitter's Pride

Knitter's Pride-Ginger Deluxe Special Interchangeable Set

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Knitter's Pride crafts lovely, warm to the touch, needles.

This is a "special" set with shorter tips (that work for creating a 16" needle) along with both 16" and 20" cables and tips for 3-11,13, 15, and 17 (a broader range than most sets). Most interchangeable sets don't come with 16" cables since the tips are too long. This is a great supplement to your already existing set or a wonderful starter. These are interchangeable with KnitPicks, Knitter's Pride/Dreamz, and Lykke needles (they are all made in the same factory!). 

Each needle has its size laser-imprinted on the side and is made from ethical wood that is sourced from sustainable forests. The vegan leather case includes a folding magnet pattern holder and extra pocket to store accessories and extras. Along with needle tips and cords (2 each of 16" and 20"), the set includes 8 end-caps, 4 cord keys, magnets for the pattern holder, 20 colorful stitch markers, and 1 pen.

Made in India.

Note from Knitter's Pride: "Your purchase of our ginger needle sets helps bring a smile (and a job!) to 350+ female artisans in our factory in Rajasthan, India, an area with more than 2,000 years of arts and crafts history. We're also proud to share that our policy is to never refuse a job (or a smile!) to a woman looking for work. After all, we believe that -- through knitting -- we can make the world a better place."

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